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BioEnergetic Scans & Wellness

Nakita Savant uses resonance scan technology to provide you with a Holistic Wellness report in just seconds. This approach looks for underlying health problems to address health concerns from their roots with personalized BioEnergetic solutions. The scan reveals how you can restore your body back to its original blueprint for health. You can alleviate fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain and health issues that are holding you back.

The Energy Flow Screen

Energy Flow screenshot

The Nutrition Screen

Nutrition screenshot

1-hour session: $199

  • A BioEnergetic scan that shows 9 screens of information about what needs healing in your body. Dr. Savant will explain the results in easy terms.
  • 5 - Infoceuticals recommended for you from your personalized BioEnergetic scan.
  • Pain relief treatment with the “Mi Health” device featured on Dr. Oz. It is a non-invasive frequency-based device used to alleviate and eliminate body pain.
  • Access to the online Food and Mood Journal and reminders sent to remind you of your Health and Wellness goals.

Buy a Package & Save: $565 ($600 value)

  • 3 - Comprehensive BioEnergetic scan sessions.
  • 5 - Infoceuticals per scan session. Infoceuticals are recommended from your personalized BioEnergetic scan each time you come in (for a total of 15 Infoceuticals).
  • Access to the online Food and Mood Journal.
  • Reminders sent to keep you on track with your personal health goals.

When purchasing this package, book your sessions 35 days apart.

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